Cloud Automation

Sound IT infrastructure, application and data integration is an integral part of any successful business. New cloud-based integration platforms dramatically speed results, lower costs and scale as per the need at all times with 100% reliability and eliminating upfront IT investment and on premise data centers, maintenance and support.

By introducing cloud solutions based on your needs and business logic we add and efficiency to your business processes and expenditure

Reduction of costs – pay what you use pricing mechanism and eliminating upfront IT investment, data centre management and IT maintenance & support.

Universal access – allowing users and employees to access, share and modify data globally with the lowest latency possible.

Scalability – shirking & expanding resources based on your business needs at any point of time and integrating resource matrix for automation, durability, recovery and cost control.

Security – with industry standard and trusted security protocols and multitier authentication and authorization ensuring the security of your data fully at your control and disposal.

Disaster recovery – maintaining synchronised copy of data at multiple geographical areas ensuring nearly no downtime and protection against any sort of data loss.

Flexibility – integrating cloud resources with your existing on premise enterprise solutions and migrating enterprise applications back and forward.

We design customized cloud automation implementation packages for different small and medium size businesses based on their needs. Our wide range of services equipped with cloud best practises and latest cloud innovations. We offer data and application migration, disaster recovery, cloud management, application services, API security & migration, data management, process optimization, training personals and support.

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